Common verses

When we donate in memory of our loved one curtain

We seek to perpetuate them by & quot; the masterpiece that fits the character of the place and timing of which hang the curtain and will constitute an important element in completing the synagogue

How to do it

Acceptable to embroider on the mercy seat, or the curtain semicircle above the crown (the covering adorned with spectacular graphs), and the stage is used to read the Torah or the cantor’s prayer page, verses from the scriptures.

These verses come to demonstrate before praying belonging to the synagogue in which they are presented, and the season of the year at the time, for instance verses a good day to sit and verses for High Holidays etc.

In order to bring the worshiper feel synagogue in general and prayer in particular, are an integral part of a real Mtfrsin idea though permits.

We present to you, dear customers, a selection of verses for all periods of the year, and to make things easier, they are marked in a number of arrangements, so that when you face worship, Messrs your Aitzobhfroct, please read carefully the verses, deepened so registered Wow meaning the verse selected row

  • Tree of Life is upon her happy
  • Moses commanded us the Torah Congregation authorized Jakob
  • The theory of “innocent refreshing
  • This gate of the Lord the righteous in
  • I thank thee that thou hast afflicted me, and she became my salvation