Question: How do I choose an example?

Answer: Visit the website and find ones you like best example, and we will send you a sketch that matches your request, of course you can combine patterns, add or omit, change the colors of embroidery and fabric, and all your imagination, as long as you’re satisfied!

Question: How to take measurements veil?

Answer: In calculating the height should be measured from the middle of the pole to the floor and the lower three inches to Parochet not touch the floor.

In calculating the width to measure the distance between the two ends of the ark. We believe that in light Our long, add 7 inches across, to be created comparing doubly special touch veil.

Question: new synagogue who do Hanging how to hang the curtain?

Answer: We have a selection of curtain rails and curtain rails of them, pulling them rails laid by the rings and more. There is also an adjustable panoramic track, which prevents using the pull cord in turn, allows opening and closing the curtain without intervention, which contributes to longevity days curtain.

Question: Is the curtain comes from one or two pieces?

Answer: The upper part of the iconostasis is called Porat can be produced in two ways: Porat, which will be connected to veil her head ie two units averted together, on the other hand can also produce Porat separate Torah Curtain and remain hanging on the rails when sliding the curtain, this option can be executed only if the following conditions are met : closet doors are sliding doors or high cabinet doors mercy seat in when you open the doors they do not collide frost, if either of these conditions does not exist professional best bet is to make the first way means that connect the upper edge of the covering veil and to draw them open together.

Question: During our visit stores and from information we have collected from web sites, we became aware that there is a third option and is shaped Porat ie instead have mercy seat with Franz figure next to a feeling that there is actually no Porat when?

Answer: We embroidery good our experience over many years we realized that the vast majority of customers would like to receive Porat quite as detailed above, but there are customers who are unable to pay the extra price for Fort them invented type of the covering is called like Porat in fact the product is less quality and therefore more cheap.

Question: What is the delivery time?

Answer: In order to reach the quality and accuracy at the highest level requires that we term of two months, but when the curtain urgent because of an event we can perform a given date without download quality and accuracy.

Question: Is there a warranty on the products?

Answer: Absolutely, the products bought by us we will give Kenya a year warranty at no extra charge. If the amendments meet the regulations in place.

Question: What are the prices?

Answer: We offer products in a wide range of prices, the price is determined primarily based on the sample load, size of the curtain and tissue level. Of course the quality is the same in all rate it.

Question: What measures are necessary Torah scroll?

Answer: Measure the height of a Torah scroll parchment Cmo”c the plate diameter of the head and we considered the size coat and the size of the head should produce.

Also we produce belts matching coats of the same material, the closing is done by clips or Scotch, according to the customer’s choice.

This is your privilege, among other things buyers, when you choose to make your orders well tissue, which is the world center for the production of luxury curtains Hall.