About us

In 1967 When Israel had just establishes itself as a state, young Tova sat alongside her father as he worked. She watched closely as he diligently stitched and created each Talit bag, Talit and Parochet with his skilled hands. It was no surprise as this young artist matured and developed her own talent she designed a business in Judaic Embroidery using the same expertise and diligence as her father.

Initially she began manufacturing each item by hand yet as her product became renowned for both beauty and quality the client base grew.
Substantially, thus today Tova Embroidery boasts an employee base of over fifty people and is known the world over.

Tova Embroidery’s work of art is adorning Synagogues throughout Israel and extended to the 50 States of the U.S. They are also familiar to the nations of Europe, Canada, Australia, Russia and Ukraine.

The myriad of designs featured in our Judaica includes but are not limited to images of the Beit Hamikdash, The Western Wall, Rachel’s Tomb, David’s Tomb, Meron as well as many prominent and famous landmarks i.e. Israel Knesset, Jerusalem Great Synagogue.

At the early stages of any project much effort is extended to pinpoint and realize the exact needs of our clients. The Architectural style of the Synagogue and its members are taken into account as we choose the correct motif. All parties involved Presidents, CEO and Donors are invited to share their opinions and request as to the desired outcome.

Once an initial sketch has been designed the customer will receive a colored 3D effect copy with all specs. At that point only additions or amendments can be evaluated. Multiple models will be available so that an exclusive handpicked design can be reached.

Tova Embroidery prides itself on its use of state of the art machinery which combined with many hours of personal and professional input yield a product of superior quality and creativity.