This site is a clever trade, website displaying dozens of examples of curtains that represent the best of our creations.


Register as members of the site:

First, we suggest you register as members, by pressing the “Contact Us”. When you register as a member, enjoy special offers from time to time offered precious our clients.

In addition, members can easier to reorder, and this by entering the username and password when the site has been populated within all customer information, including all bookings made to date and the details, so that in the future if you want to make a repeat order, you will enter your name username and password and press the key repeat order, without the need to take measurements again and try to remember all previous order details.


Fill Order Details:

This site you customers to browse and view the range of showcase, compare various examples and then, when you decide on any example, you had no choice but to fill the rows in a table near the product. In this table are the parameters that characterize the product, we can help manufacturers design the product chosen exactly to your taste Haisi.cmobn more you delivery of information, we should also facilitate the workshop.


The price payment and artwork approval:

After selecting the product, we will contact you by phone (‘ll let you know the cost of the product for products whose price does not appear on the site) and we will send you by return mail with name by e-mail you left sketch perform. You must be proofread it, approve it, or alternatively ask for changes.

Our graphics department works every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Israel time).

Any changes requested studied and technically possible, we will try to make it to your final authorization of the artwork.


Form of payment:

After a good hour certification phase is over, approached the cashier to pay.

You can pay us for the product in four ways:

  1. Payment by credit card, by choosing the option “payment by credit card.”
  2. Send a fax with credit card information, and Your card will be charged, by selecting the option “send the order by fax”.
  3. Payment by bank check to the address:

Good tissue, Uziel 40, Bnei Brak (preferably by registered mail).

There are only beneficiary register and let us know that you sent the check and shipping information.

  1. You can make a bank transfer, bank details are as follows:

Workers of Agudat Israel Bank Street, 42 Hazon Ish Bnei Brak. Branch 188, Account No. 409-300-918 (Swift code shipping overseas).


You can leave a phone number and an A representative will call you to coordinate the manner of payment, by choosing the option “Leave no phone”.

We stream work immediately with the order summary.


We are good tissue, vast experience we have acquired over the years, we tried to introduce you to a world-class smart season by Tfistino all questions and inquiries arising during booking the curtain.

Mada and you think that there is room to improve and add, please do not hesitate and write to us at the address, and we’ll try to update the site.

Given you our thanks in advance.